Background Information

The Celtic Sea Herring Management Advisory Committee (CSHMAC) is a Ministerially appointed Committee which has its origins the South West Pelagic group and was given formal recognition by the then Minister in 2005. The CSHMAC is comprised of representatives from the four Fish Producer Organisations together with representatives from the National Inshore Fisheries Forum, the Fish Co-Ops and Processors. There are a number of appointed experts to the Committee from the Marine Institute, Sea Fisheries Protection Authority and the Irish Whale and Dolphin Group. The primary purpose of the CSHMAC is to provide advice in relation to the management of the Celtic Sea Herring Stock and Fishery off the South West Coast of Ireland. The Committee meets at relevant intervals during the year to discuss issues of concern to the fishery such as scientific advice regarding the state of the stock and also proposals in relation to future management arrangements. Participation in the Committee is limited to those nominated by the Minister.

From 2010 to date the Committee has had the responsibility for managing MSC Certification for the fishery which is subject to an annual surveillance audit.

For 2016 the CSHMAC work plan includes developing a plan for the management of the fishery, evaluating the impact of the implementation of the Landing Obligation as the number of species covered by it continues to increase. The Committee will also continue to work with the Marine Institute to develop the scientific advice for the stock with a particular emphasis for 2016 on the acoustic survey in addition to its role in the provision of advice to the Minister for Agriculture, Food and the Marine in relation to the management arrangements for both the Main and Sentinel fishery.
The Committee is Chaired by the Irish South and West Fish Producers Organisation who can be contacted on
June 2016





Proxy Representative





Mr. Frank Fleming




Mr. Liam Oâ' Driscoll

Mr. Brendan Oâ'Driscoll





Mr. John Ward

Mr. Francis Oâ' Donnell


Mr. James Orpen






Mr. Hugo Boyle

Mr. Richard Power


Mr. Steven Burke

Mr. Paul Daniels





Mr. Ted Breslin

Mr. Sean Oâ' Donoghue





Ms. Trudy McIntyre



Mr. Eddie Moore






Mr. Donal Oâ Sullivan

Mr. Sean Griffin 


Mr. Dermot Sheehy

Mr. Ricky Oâ' Cathain


Mr. Thomas Keane 

Mr. Bertie Faherty

Mr. Cathal Grunell

Appointed Experts






Marine Institute

Dr. Maurice Clarke


Irish Whale & Dolphin Group

Dr. Simon Berrow


Sea Fisheries

Protection Authority

Mr. Alan Mullery

Mr. Chris Nalty