Responsible Irish Fish

"Responsible Irish Fish" are working within a BIM program to deliver responsibly caught quality assured seafood. The identity is based on the the adoption by the fishing vessesls of responsible practices across fourteen different headings which cover the full range of practices onboard. The vessels have implemented a Seafood Environmental Management System (SEMS), which has been developed by close collaboration between the catching sector and The Fisheries Development Division of Bord Iascaigh Mhara. Areas addressed under the system range from the vessels using voluntary conservation measures above the legal requirements to being involved in a "clean the seas" project to bring ashore any marine debris caught during fishing operations to clean the marine environment for all users.

The "Responsible Irish Fish " label differentiates our fish in the marketplace by guaranteeing the seafood you are purchasing is fully traceable back to an Irish vessel, operating in a responsible manner. The fish carrying our logo has been caught and processed in Ireland and is supporting jobs at both catching and processing levels. The SEMS system ensures the fish has been handled with strict quality criteria and temperature controls in place, giving consumers confidence in our products.

Once the fish leaves our vessels it is transported, processed, distributed and sold under strict guidelines. The businesses at all stages of the supply chain, who carry the logo, are working with the fishing industry as partners on the project.