Vessel Services

Our company is involved in the development of the "Responsible Irish Fish" label for a group of vessels in the Irish catching sector. This involves the setting up of a brand identity, deveolping rules and guidelines for the vessels who wish to use this identity and working on chain of custody requirements for its market use.

Our company provides a mentoring/training service for fishing vessel owners who wish to learn about different types of certification. We can then help an owner and crew to develop their onboard practices depending on whatever standard they would like to achieve. We can help vessels to develop and implement the BIM Environmental Management System to suit their operations.

We currently assist vessel owners and skippers who wish to join:
Responsible Irish Fish
BIM Responsibly Sourced Standard
Marine Stewardship Council
We also assist vessels to develop HACCP plans,required for SFPA approval, for onboard freezing or processing at sea

We work with organisations, ranging from state bodies such as BIM and Bord Bia, to other stakeholders in the marine environment, such as port authorities and wave energy interests, to further the projects we are involved in.